Enchantress, and Updates

oneCloudblogI’m reading Enchantress by Maggie Anton and I’m loving it. It’s such an unusual book for me to read, with its combination of other-worldly happenings and a practical, down-to-earth voice. I really appreciate that something like this can be offered in mainstream fiction.

Maggie Anton also has an interesting story in that she first self-published her book Rashi’s Daughters and then signed up with a large publishing house for her subsequent books. I love stories like these because I grew up the daughter of a writer to whom self-publishing was vanity, or worse, the end of a legitimate pursuit of recognition. I’m glad it’s not so rigid anymore.

Some people like self-publishing and have those skills, some people don’t. I work with authors who don’t have the energy to self-publish. They don’t understand how I can orchestrate the editors, designers, printer, distributors, marketing and sales, and I don’t understand how they can produce the magical, liquid flow of words (and illustrations) on to paper. It’s a perfect match.

Speaking of which, we’ve got some room for 2015: For a collection of poetry (please see our interests) and possibly a memoir or work of fiction.

ps. I just got word that Siberiak, our next book to be released (Nov. 1) has been selected for review by Publishers Weekly. It’s very exciting, and when I have the review I will post it.