Book Titles to De-stress

There is plenty going on right now. Politics are turbulent, international news is depressing, plus tax season and Easter are culminating in the next few days. Time for a break.

Some of the funniest things I’ve seen online lately are nostalgic about the 1980s politics. And we’ve seen a sales bump with our own 1980s nostalgia, Siberiak: My Cold War Adventure on the River Ob. Though the eighties were, in reality, filled with anxiety for many people about the global situation particularly the nuclear proliferation, looking back on them can feel relaxing compared to staying up with current affairs.

Siberiak takes the reader back in time to a peace mission where American High School students travel to Russia. The illustrations are cute and wry, and the text is the wandering of a teenage mind in a new setting. The pace is just right for a short back porch journey to an almost reassuring past.

Another Raincloud book that seems particularly appropriate for the current political climate, is the award-winning From Ashes Into Light, a Visionary novel about overcoming fascism (which as of this posting is heavily discounted on Amazon). Ultimately the message is about how dark times can also instigate triumphs and personal growth. This intense but uplifting read delivers us through several personal and cultural tragedies in a poetic and lyrical narrative.

Detailed Descriptions

Siberiak: My Cold War Adventure in the River Ob

In 1988, two years before the end of the Cold War, the US and the USSR held the world at nuclear ransom. Meanwhile, grassroots organizing is bringing American and Soviet youth together in missions of peace. What can a group of teenagers, on a raft on Siberia’s Ob River, hope to accomplish? With sensitivity and humor, SIBERIAK tells the tale of one young person’s journey of discovery and cultural immersion. A lovely coming-of-age story that takes place during a unique historical moment. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY calls Siberiak: My Cold War Adventure on the River Ob “…a kaleidoscope of impressions and perceptions,…facinating.”

From Ashes Into Light

From Ashes into Light is a transpersonal tale of epic tragedy, spirituality, family, and personal redemption. It is told through three distinct voices: the hauntingly tragic story of Ruth, a Jewish adolescent during Kristallnacht in World War II Austria, Saqapaya, a stalwart Native American from coastal California during the time of the Spanish conquest, and Friede Mai.

Friede is born during WW II to a Bavarian soldier and a East-Prussian mother. As those around her struggle with the inevitable chaos and paradox of war, Friede opens her heart to gruesome enemies, at times saving herself and family members from atrocities. With war behind them, the Mai family immigrates to the US, where Friede, her veteran father and ex-refugee mother, struggle with the reverberations of trauma. Friede is unable to find inner freedom until she meets her spiritual guide, a Rabbi, who helps her see that the voices from the past are teachers and the horrors of history are also beacons of light.

Three electric characters weave a narrative of raw consciousness, a moving example of transforming the ripple of suffering through the incredible strength of vulnerability.

In addition to the 2016 International Book Awards, From Ashes Into Light won the Living Now Awards Silver Medal for Inspirational Fiction, was a finalist in the 2016 Best Book Awards in New Age and Visionary Fiction, and was the winner of the 5th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards in New Age and Visionary Fiction. 

Buy either Raincloud book from your local bookstore (if it’s not in stock you can order them), by calling this number and order directly from our warehouse in Chicago: 800-888-4741, or from your favorite online retailer.

Reincarnation and Tolerance

Four Ways Exploring Reincarnation Can Help Dispel Hate

  •  If we come back lifetime after lifetime, then we are bound to have lives as both men, women, gay or transgender people, as Asians, Natives, Blacks, Latinos and Whites, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists. Think about this before you judge anyone.
  • If you are inexplicably drawn to someone, it may be you’ve known each other in a past life! These experiences cross social, racial and economic barriers. Don’t be afraid, see what the connection is.
  • Everyone has their own path for this lifetime. Often, things don’t work out exactly how we’d planned. Chances are, you have had lives both with great status and power, and with great need. Don’t waste time wishing things were different. When you reincarnate, it will be.
  • When we hold tightly to grudges, they can follow us into the next lifetime, lessening our happiness and creating conflicts. Clean up your emotional baggage now, and be kind to your future self.


Terrifying for the Racists

In a time of unimaginably hateful, fear-based crimes, readers seek books that help give a positive message and make sense of the chaos around them.  From Ashes Into Light is that balm to those who are sick of the violence and callowness reported in the news, but want relevant and contemporary topics.

​In Gudrun Mouw’s forthcoming novel, From Ashes Into Light, the narrative plunges into the darkness, but always comes up for air. Through the alternating protagonists, we are immersed in new perspectives of the Holocaust, seen through a young Austria Jew, and of the enslavement and Genocide of the Native Americans, seen through a boy who successfully evades capture. A third protagonist, Friede, a white girl, a war-refugee, helps bring the suffering of the past into a contemporary perspective by experiencing the other two as past lives. Friede overcomes a terrifying childhood suffering at the hands of her father, an untreated PTSD-suffering veteran, and has help overcoming her personal history by integrating the history of the past. Her message is tolerance and being true to your own knowing.

Raincloud Press is publishing From Ashes Into Light on February 26th, 2016. Available now for preorder. 


Forthcoming novel From Ashes into Light

Getting a cover design done is such an out-of-the-gate feeling. And like the beginning of a race, it’s both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. The novel-manuscript just went through a round of edits and the book is beginning to take a life of it’s own. It’s a shimmering story that has a way of molding those of us working with it.

Working with the author Gudrun Mouw has been lovely. She shares some of the process of writing in her blog and author website.

Book cover design is being done by Josue Menjivar, who has been extremely patient both when I had no vision for the cover and then when a very specific vision came to me. His design work is showcased on his website Fresh Brewed Illustration.