On the Radio ~ with Ashes Into Light

yogagrannysmallWe are proud to announce that a radio interview with author Gudrun Mouw aired today at 10 am on KCHO in Chico, California and other Northern California stations (collectively known as NSPR). Nancy Wiegman, host of Nancy’s Bookshelf, interviewed Mouw about her novel From Ashes Into Light which published in February. Mouw reads sections of her book and answers some intriguing and metaphysical questions about her writing process and her own experience.

Please visit the radio link to listen:

Gudrun Mouw’s interview on Nancy’s Bookshelf

Spoiler Alert:

Do note that if you haven’t read From Ashes Into Light yet, you might want to wait to listen to the interview since there are some spoilers!



To Pre-Order, or Not to Pre-Order

From Ashes Into Light, the forthcoming novel by Gudrun Mouw, just showed up on Amazon for pre-order. The novel is not going to be released until February, so pre-ordering is an option if you know you want the book, and don’t want to think about remembering to buy it in February. You may also be able to pre-order From Ashes Into Light from your local bookstore. Tell them the book is carried by Ingram, and let me know if you have luck with this. It might be that your local bookstore won’t have the ability to order the book until it gets a little closer to the pub date (2/26/16).

There will be more chances to win Advance Review Copies of From Ashes Into Light on Goodreads, beginning again on September 26th. And if you do get an Advance copy, you can write a review on Goodreads. Any honest review, good or bad, helps other readers decide whether to purchase a book, and we encourage you to share your point of view! AshesOcnRock Some more news: Raincloud Press has a twitter feed @raincloudpress and as reviewers begin to receive #fromashesintolight they will start posting their links on the above hashtag. I plan to unveil more pictures of the vacation I did with the advance copy of the book on Twitter, From Ashes Into Light ends up in some unusual places. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest.