For the Love of Meat ~ Proofs and Promotion



For the Love of Meat, by Jenny Jaeckel, is scheduled for publication in April of 2016. But we are proofing it now because Raincloud Press needs a new distributor, and we need to show them how groovy our books are! Also, we are going to start looking for popular authors and celebrities to read and possibly endorse the book. So if you know anyone who might fit this label, we are sending out some proof copies (sparingly at this point). See the description for more info. I don’t want to give away all the illustrations inside the book (over 60!) but we’ll be featuring one a month until the book is published. Look for information about For the Love of Meat on the author’s website as well: camel


Happy New Year

Raincloud Press is officially one year old. With two books under our belt that are being well-received, it feels like a good start to this small press. Deer Creek Resources LLC (which owns Raincloud) had a good year, and has invested more money in the imprint, allowing us to get ready for our first hardcover publication.

We have been Print-on-Demand for the most part, but now we are working with a printer in nearby Santa Clara.   We are also applying with new distributors, looking for that perfect partnership that will help our books get into more hands.

BlackoneCloudCatalogA few of the best things about 2014 for me was getting our books in the local bookstore (Lyons Books), and the two conferences I attended (IBPA’s Publishers University & NCIBA Discovery Show) where I enjoyed mingling with other small presses and booksellers.

I’ve been working with my authors and editors on timing for this coming year. I’m tentatively scheduling our first novel and first hardcover publication, From Ashes into Light, for October of this year. The advance copies are scheduled to arrive this week, and we are rounding up blurb writers. We are particularly interested in feedback about what books are similar to this rich, multilayered title. If you are a reviewer and want a review copy, please email me or stay tuned for the manuscript to be available on NetGalley (by the end of March). Also, I will be giving copies away on Check back in April or so for a link to Goodreads Giveaway.


Erika Lunder, Publisher