To Pre-Order, or Not to Pre-Order

From Ashes Into Light, the forthcoming novel by Gudrun Mouw, just showed up on Amazon for pre-order. The novel is not going to be released until February, so pre-ordering is an option if you know you want the book, and don’t want to think about remembering to buy it in February. You may also be able to pre-order From Ashes Into Light from your local bookstore. Tell them the book is carried by Ingram, and let me know if you have luck with this. It might be that your local bookstore won’t have the ability to order the book until it gets a little closer to the pub date (2/26/16).

There will be more chances to win Advance Review Copies of From Ashes Into Light on Goodreads, beginning again on September 26th. And if you do get an Advance copy, you can write a review on Goodreads. Any honest review, good or bad, helps other readers decide whether to purchase a book, and we encourage you to share your point of view! AshesOcnRock Some more news: Raincloud Press has a twitter feed @raincloudpress and as reviewers begin to receive #fromashesintolight they will start posting their links on the above hashtag. I plan to unveil more pictures of the vacation I did with the advance copy of the book on Twitter, From Ashes Into Light ends up in some unusual places. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest.

New Title

COVERjulySMALLMany thanks to advance reader and published poet Perie Longo for coming up with a new title for our forthcoming book. Once titled Out of the Ashes, it is now called From Ashes Into Light. We realized there were just too many other books with the same title as our first choice. Threw out the old title and old cover today. Sometimes it’s a good day for a new incarnation.

Our blurbs from advanced readers are starting to come in so stay tuned!


From Ashes into Light

From Ashes Into LightIt’s been an extraordinary process
getting the cover just right for From
Ashes into Light
. And I couldn’t have done
it without designer Josue Menjivar of Fresh
Brewed Illustration
and my husband Zeke. I
also couldn’t have done it without
reading the novel again, for a seventh
time probably, doing the final edits
(except I’m still waiting for the Native American readers who are giving
feedback on the Native sections of the book). A story of this depth has
something new to say in each reading.
This time, I really felt the struggles
and the beauty together, the paradox,
that makes the tale so enthralling. That gave me the inspiration
for this installment (hopefully final!) of the cover.

Jewish Literature

This last year is the first time that I’ve sought out Jewish Literature. I’ve always enjoyed books about the Jewish experience if I happened upon them. But this year I am trying to become somewhat up to date with the genre because by this time next year I will be putting the finishing touches on From Ashes into Light by Gudrun Mouw, a book about, in part, the Jewish experience during World War II.

ezra&jasper copyMy husband is Jewish and his grandparents emigrated from Germany in the 1930s. I have a keen sense of relief every time I think on this. I am so thankful to those grandparents, both passed now, and the factors that allowed them to escape. It has away of coloring my sense of what’s right and wrong. It gives me perspective when confronted with trivial discomforts of a daily life without war or discrimination. Two of my own grandparents were also both German citizens during WWII and had their own abominable experiences living through war. So I grew up with a feeling that I was privileged in simply living in a non-war zone.

But even still, I remember thinking as a teen that “I’ve read enough books about the Holocaust and WW II.” I think I was trying to protect myself from how painful reading those stories felt. Now, seeking them out, I recognize the benefit of tears, feeling empathy for others and honoring their suffering in a way. Today, it doesn’t hurt me, even though it hurts; in fact, it may provide brief moments of healing.

Some of the books I’m reading include the “Book Thief,” “People of the Book,” “Sarah’s Key,” “Henna House,” “Night,”  and “Rav Hisda’s Daughter: Book I.” The above authors are amazing, and it makes me feel proud to be a small part of the publishing community.

Erika Lunder

Raincloud Press


Forthcoming novel From Ashes into Light

Getting a cover design done is such an out-of-the-gate feeling. And like the beginning of a race, it’s both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. The novel-manuscript just went through a round of edits and the book is beginning to take a life of it’s own. It’s a shimmering story that has a way of molding those of us working with it.

Working with the author Gudrun Mouw has been lovely. She shares some of the process of writing in her blog and author website.

Book cover design is being done by Josue Menjivar, who has been extremely patient both when I had no vision for the cover and then when a very specific vision came to me. His design work is showcased on his website Fresh Brewed Illustration.