2017: Here We Go

Winter has come. In Northern California, there continues to be more rain and snow than we’ve had in a long time. The weather is a blessing, and hints of a lush, green spring.

To my friends and family, the New Year seems to bring excitement and foreboding in equal measure, as 2017 rings in uncertainty. At Raincloud Press, our authors have been busy sharing on their blogs, and I’ll put some links to the highlights here:

I am enjoying the cold and slower pace of winter, and the goal of taking time and not rush. It feels like an important gestation period for the various projects happening at Raincloud. I can feel the potential building for our first mainstream novel, House of Rougeaux (to be published most likely a year from now). The design team and the editors are gearing up and by April we should have the first physical copies and artwork to share.

If you haven’t already, please check out our currently available titles which are available everywhere.  Or order by phone directly from our distributor in Chicago (800)888-4741.


Happy New Year,

Erika Lunder

Publisher, Raincloud Press