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FlyingBks_AshesOn February 26th From Ashes Into Light by Gudrun Mouw published here at Raincloud Press! It was a great day for our first fiction publication. A blog tour started on the 24th, and I’ve listed some of the highlights below. These are links to posts that have already happened, but there are another 6 weeks of activities! Find a link to the complete schedule below.

As I’m writing this, From Ashes Into Light is ranked #179 on the Kindle Metaphysical list. And people are starting to get word that Gudrun Mouw has written a dark-night-of-the-soul spiritual thriller that’s uplifting and transformative. Thank you to everyone who has helped with this project, including foremost the author herself who had to approve several rounds of editing. The main editor, Maxima Kahn, was an amazing guide bringing this narrative to fruition. I want to thank our Native American editor and readers, who wish to remain unnamed (because in an ideal world, White people wouldn’t write about Native American History which is invariably romanticized, but we followed their advice to make it less offensive to Native persons).  And, of course, there were many other behind-the-scenes members of the team designing the book, copy-writing, copy-editing, and midwifing the book into existence.


Blog Tour for From Ashes Into Light by Gudrun Mouw


Other posts that featured From Ashes Into Light and posts that are scheduled for the future can be found at the Book Tour Schedule at Pump Up Your Book.

We would love your feedback! Did you read From Ashes Into Light? Let us know what you thought. Does the book remind you of another book? Add to the perspectives at Goodreads or Amazon. Thanks for bringing your thoughtful consideration to our endeavor!

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