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Great News!

Raincloud Press has now partnered with Smashwords for our non-illustrated eBook distribution (illustrated books are still with Comixology). This means our forthcoming title, From Ashes Into Light, will be available as an eBook preorder. Order your e-copy now, and it will automatically download on the first available day (February 25th, 2016).

Ebook Preorder

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eBook Meta data:

From Ashes Into Light by Gudrun Mouw

eBook version ISBN: 978-1-941203-09-5

Price $3.99

48,000 words, 44 chapters

includes three glossaries

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From Ashes Into Light, pub date count-down…

From Ashes Into Light has about three months to publication. We are busy putting the finishing touches on the manuscript to get the tome to you on time! We have been sending out advance copies of our forthcoming novel From Ashes Into Light by Gudrun Mouw to journals, magazines and other media for review. The novel is going off to a final copyediting, then it’s time to proof the final hardcover version.

Rainbowcover44490Another tweaking of the cover was completed, to help convey the sentiments of the story, which include a contemporary, feminine and historical perspective. Advance copies are being offered on LibraryThing in November, and we look forward to hearing how the librarians receive this work and how they perceive the audience.


Three Titles Forthcoming

Here at Raincloud Press we’ve been working hard on our three titles scheduled for 2016 publication:


Rainbowcover44490From Ashes Into Light, debut visionary novel by Gudrun Mouw, is being sent to reviewers at this time, and there are a few copies available through giveaways on Goodreads (ends in two days) and LibraryThing (begins November 2nd). We are securing a blog tour and filling media inquiries. It is available for preorder on Amazon and will be available everywhere on 2/25/16.


The interior of For the Love of Meat is just complete, and sent to the printer for over 300 advance copies to be available for giveaways and reviews. There is a giveaway currently on Goodreads, and one to start on LibraryThing November 2nd. Publication is scheduled for 4/22/16.


Thirdly, we are very happy to announce that our first Spanish-Language title will be published in Fall 2016 (with simultaneous publication of English version) Cunero 12: la historia de un nacimiento (Spot 12: A Story of a Birth). Raincloud Press and Josue Menjivar of Fresh Brewed Illustration completed the cover design and Menjivar will be putting the finishing touches on two interiors for us this Fall. We plan to have Spot 12 at BookExpo in Chicago this coming May, so we’ll have our ARCs by the beginning of Spring.


Spot 12 is a graphic memoir about a mother whose newborn spends five months in the NICU, written and illustrated by Jenny Jaeckel. It is a moving, raw and honest look at hospital- and crisis-induced PTSD and the effect of an extended medical stay on a family. We look forward to presenting it to the nursing, midwife and social work communities, and hope the Spanish language translation will help expand the resources for parents and families going through medical complications with their children. The journal Advances in Neonatal Care called it “very impressive,” and said that parents “will find comfort in how the author expresses their pain.” It was self-published in 2009 after winning the Xeric Grant in Canada. We are publishing a new edition and the first US release (October 2016).

To Pre-Order, or Not to Pre-Order

From Ashes Into Light, the forthcoming novel by Gudrun Mouw, just showed up on Amazon for pre-order. The novel is not going to be released until February, so pre-ordering is an option if you know you want the book, and don’t want to think about remembering to buy it in February. You may also be able to pre-order From Ashes Into Light from your local bookstore. Tell them the book is carried by Ingram, and let me know if you have luck with this. It might be that your local bookstore won’t have the ability to order the book until it gets a little closer to the pub date (2/26/16).

There will be more chances to win Advance Review Copies of From Ashes Into Light on Goodreads, beginning again on September 26th. And if you do get an Advance copy, you can write a review on Goodreads. Any honest review, good or bad, helps other readers decide whether to purchase a book, and we encourage you to share your point of view! AshesOcnRock Some more news: Raincloud Press has a twitter feed @raincloudpress and as reviewers begin to receive #fromashesintolight they will start posting their links on the above hashtag. I plan to unveil more pictures of the vacation I did with the advance copy of the book on Twitter, From Ashes Into Light ends up in some unusual places. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest.

Spot 12 ~ Cover for the New Edition



Here is the new cover for the revised US edition of Spot 12 by Jenny Jaeckel. The new edition is also now on Goodreads, so if you read the first edition already you can review it and let people know what you thought! For those of you wanting a copy of the new, larger edition, the release date is a little more than a year away. It’ll go quick, I promise.


New cover by Josué Menjivar of Fresh Brewed Illustration and Raincloud Press.

Spot 12 New US Edition Forthcoming for 2016



Spot 12—Jenny Jaeckel’s moving graphic memoir about her experience with her newborn daughter in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit—is going through editing now for a Fall of 2016 publication date. This visually stunning graphic memoir was first published in Canada through the Xeric Award in 2009. Raincloud Press is privileged to be midwifing this title into a new edition with a beautiful new cover (to be revealed soon!).Spot 12 Infant

This is a must-read for anyone who has gone through the experience of having a child in the NICU. An enriching title too for nurses, social workers, doctors, and midwives. Stay tuned for more updates about Spot 12.

Graphic Memoir
110 pages
b&w illustrations
to be published in softcover and ebook