Cindy Sheehan Writes Blurb for Siberiak

JennySiberiakOneFrame I just received another blurb for the back of Siberiak: My Cold War Adventure on the River Ob. Author and Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan was nice enough to read this graphic novel. Here’s what she said,

Siberiak is one young peace activist’s story of doing something many Americans don’t get a chance to do, or don’t even want to do: go to another culture to observe first hand how the “enemy” really lives. Jaeckel tells her tale in a way that is fun, informative and inspiring.


Cindy Sheehan has some amazing books to her name, and an activist blog and podcast. Raincloud Press really appreciates her taking time to read a review copy of Siberiak. By the way, she just ran for governor in the Peace and Freedom party in the primary in California.

Chakra Yoga

ChakraYogaI am happy to announce the forthcoming publication of Chakra Yoga by Linda Go. Ms. Go is an auditory clairvoyant (or clair-audient) who has received information about how to connect to the Chakras through sound, breath and yoga poises. In this book she, and veteran yoga instructor Tiffany Chan, will walk us through the incredible healing potential of this work.

I participated in one of Ms. Go’s early Chakra workshops in 2004, and I was astounded by the immediateness of the work. For those who wish to understand the healing potential of the chakras, sound and movement, this is for you. Raincloud Press is honored to be working with┬áLinda Go and Tiffany Chan. We do not have a publication date yet.