A new author


I’ve just found out that we will be able to publish Jenny Jaeckel’s incredible graphic novels that were released only in Canada. So we will be bringing them to a worldwide market. I am so thrilled!  Her memoirs are beautifully illustrated and cover three distinct periods: ODD PIECES unfolds a story about a dog gone missing in Berkeley in the 1970’s; a time when kids played in the streets, and adults lived in co-ops (see sample page to left). SIBERIAK is a reflective piece about a 18 year-old’s journey to the USSR for peace. And SPOT 12 is a heart-wrenching narrative about the horrors of having an infant in the NICU (Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit) for six months. Jaeckel is a keen observer and shows a wry sense of humor even in the hardest situations. There is plenty of paradox in these books, and we are happy to make them available to you. Stay tuned for a timeline, but hopefully we will have the first one out by this summer.

Poetry in Motion


Gudrun Mouw and myself have been busy working on the forthcoming collection of poetry, WIFE OF THE HOUSE. The collection focuses on a woman’s quest to balance her own needs with those of her family. Ms. Mouw’s work is subtle, full of light; it pierces through to the present moment.

We’ve been making final decisions on layout, fonts, cover design, and poem order. It’s very exciting for me to be this close to publishing our first book.  I hope to be ordering the proof by the end of February to be ready for our publication in April! So far there has been a great flow to the whole project. Thanks to all the friends, family and beings that are supporting this work.