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House of Rougeaux by Jenny Jaeckel

House of Rougeaux

by Jenny Jaeckel

Giveaway ends February 25, 2018.

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House of Rougeaux begins on a sugar plantation on the island of Martinique and follows the descendants of African slaves through countless trials, as they move to Canada and the US. Each new generation of the Rougeaux family takes the spotlight  in an emotional tale that spans nearly two centuries. Jenny Jaeckel blends coming-of-age, folklore, and historical fiction with explorations of gender, race, and sexuality, creating a wondrous and harrowing tale of hope and healing.



Are you interested in the emerging buzz for House of Rougeaux by Jenny Jaeckel? Search for #Rougeaux on Twitter, FB, or Instagram to see who’s posting about this forthcoming family epic.


Making of an Audio Book

From the first days of Raincloud Press I’ve been looking for the right project to produce into an audiobook. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration. The authors whose books I’ve acquired were all unknown when we first started. These days it can be hard to build fans from scratch. It takes time, and books, to build a fan base. As much as I wanted to produce an audio version of previous titles, it just didn’t make financial sense until House of Rougeaux came along.

We’ve been working with author Jenny Jaeckel since 2014, when we published her graphic novel Siberiak. She’s been building her platform with her unique, quirky and heart-wrenching writing style. But when I first read House of Rougeaux I knew it was something special. Jaeckel’s first novel, House of Rougeaux, is quite simply magical. So I set aside six months for the editing process, which I have never done before.  Jaeckel and editor Neesa Sonoquie worked tirelessly on House of Rougeaux beginning in Novemeber 2016 until it read like a sophomore literary novel.

The next step was finding the right publicist, and after careful consideration a partnership was formed between Raincloud and Tanya Farrell of Wunderkind PR. It doesn’t matter how good a book is, without the right publicist and marketing team, no one will find out about it. With the confidence a good publicist brings, we went about hunting for a studio to help us produce our first audiobook.

I had several referrals for good audio studios. I ended up connecting with Mosaic Audio in Los Angeles. Everything fell into place; with a hole in the schedule of our top choice narrator (Bahni Turpin), we struck an agreement. After going over names and foreign-language pronunciation with the author, they began recording in early December 2017. Mosaic’s team of engineers took over from there, and within a few weeks we had the final files!

We took the final files and  divided into CD-length files. We ordered CDs and made up advance review packages of the audiobook (see our video below!). These packages are for submitting the audiobook for review to places like Library Journal and AudioFile. But there are also extra copies that we plan to give away periodically on Instagram. We are giving away a book on CD next week (starting February  13th). If you haven’t followed us yet, please do to get the updates and for your chance to win House of Rougeaux swag: @raincloudpress.

House of Rougeaux by Jenny Jaeckel and performed by Bahni Turpin will be available in April as a digital download. A CD version of the audiobook will take longer to produce, stay tuned for that release date, but hopefully in June 2018.

Erika Lunder, publisher





LibraryThing January Giveaway

House of Rougeaux by Jenny Jaeckel is available now for a giveaway on LibraryThing. Follow this link to go to LibraryThing’s giveaway page. Scroll down until you see the cover and follow the instructions to win an advance copy of this anticipated family saga.

House of Rougeaux Giveaway

In moving prose, author Jenny Jaeckel creates a brilliantly imagined epic, weaving a multi-layered narrative that celebrates ​seven generations of the Rougeaux family’s triumphs while exposing the injustices of their trials. As each new member of the family takes the spotlight, a fresh piece of the puzzle is illuminated until at last, after a span of nearly two centuries, the end brings us back to the beginning.


Announcing Our Audiobook!

Raincloud Press is excited to announce we have booked Bahni Turpin to narrate the audiobook version of House of Rougeaux! Turpin is an established voice actor with many titles and awards under her belt. Two of her latest titles are The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. Turpin has an astounding range of voices and accents; we are so grateful she accepted this project. She’s listed on Audible’s Narrator Hall of Fame.

We are working with Mosaic Audio in Los Angeles, who are have been graciously working to get this project done for our January deadline. We plan on releasing the audiobook simultaneously with the print and ebook versions on April 24th, 2018. It will be an unabridged version of House of Rougeaux, to be published on Audible, iTunes and wherever audiobooks are sold (and will also be available in some libraries).


House of Rougeaux

by Jenny Jaeckel

Audiobook Narrated by Bahni Turpin, available April 2018.

Unabridged digital audio, ISBN 978-1-941203-27-9, retail $24.99

Unabridged digital audio – library version ISBN 978-1-941203-29-3

Listen to an excerpt of our audiobook below:

Bahni Turpin Biography

Bahni Turpin is a native of Pontiac, Michigan, now residing in Los Angeles. Turpin has narrated over seventy audiobooks, and she is also an acclaimed actress with many theatre, TV and film credits. Turpin has won many awards for her audiobook narration, including the audie award for best fiction narration (for the title Sister of Mine). For a list of her film and TV credits, see


December Media Announcements

It’s such a busy time of year for folks it seems, and it’s true for Raincloud as well. We’ve been upgrading our website, staying busy on Instagram and shipping books left and right. That’s why it’s nice to take this chance to relax and share some media news with you.

Author Jenny Jaeckel’s review of The Time of the Doves by Merce Rodoreda appeared on Read It Forward‘s page titled “The Books 36 Authors Are  Giving Away to Their Friends This Holiday.” She wrote a longer review of the same title that will appear on her blog in the coming months. Her December post is good one too, about suggestions for topics of conversation at the proverbial holiday party. Wishing everyone happy holidays!