How to Blast Those Illegal Copies Out of the Water

Ebook Pirates

In order to hear about publicity for our titles at Raincloud Press, I use Google Alerts for our titles and authors. This lets me know when each book is mentioned online anywhere. This includes sites which are using our content to lure users to click on links. Some of these sites just publish the descriptions of our titles and book cover pics. But some of them are offering illegal copies of our ebooks.

It can be discouraging waiting for the reviews to roll in, and instead be notified of all the illegal copies of your book being pirated. So when I heard about a service that helps a publisher identify and delete illegal copies of their ebooks on the internet, and had to try it. This is what I had been looking for.

There was a waiting period where my account was vetted by the service Blasty (I am not affiliated with them in anyway). Then, I got an email saying my account was ready to go. I signed on immediately and got to work blasting the illegal copies off the web. I have to say, it felt pretty darn good.

I am so excited about our titles getting out into the world, about copies being passed on again and again. But in the person-to-person way. We give out hundreds of copies of our titles on Goodreads and LibraryThing, so people looking for free copies of books have those outlets. Nothing feels better as a publisher than getting a book in someone’s hand, but we want to maintain that position of decision-making, controlling when and where our books are given away.

ARC Pirates

Speaking of giving away books, I’ve noticed that some of the folks that receive advance copies from us through Goodreads and LibraryThing decide to sell those copies on Amazon. Hey! That’s not cool! Advance copies are not for resale. That book was an investment. We buy the envelopes, the shipping, the book itself. If the book wasn’t a good fit, then please pass it on to someone else. But don’t compete with our distributor. That takes money out of our author’s pockets and makes it a lot harder for an indie publisher like us to stay afloat.

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